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How the fear of failure can ruin your business

Tips from fuckupper, Shahr Savizi co-founder Fuckup Nights YYC Failure. What is the first thing that comes up for you when you think of failure? For most of us it’s fear, another bad four-letter word. That perception is exactly what co-founder of Fuckup Nights YYC, Shahr Savizi, is trying to flip the script by normalizing [...]

Inflation Rates, Labour Rates, Insurance Rates Oh My!

There are a lot of "rates" that change and fluctuate impacting our businesses in many ways. The news is constantly talking about them in one way or another. Let's break them down so you can understand them and feel confident when you see them in the headlines. Inflation Rates  We all hear about the “inflation [...]

Your Business Budget

Your Business Budget as a Guiding Framework for Building Financial Success As you get caught up in the day-to-day demands of your business, oftentimes you can lose sight of the bigger financial picture or where you see your business in the long term. Without long-term planning, how can you be sure you are making the [...]

Meaningful Financial Goals

Build the Business (and the Life) You Want by Creating Meaningful Financial Goals For most women entrepreneurs, business is personal, but how often do we stop to consider how interconnected our personal lives are to our business results? It’s important to recognize the interconnection between your personal life and your business when it comes to [...]

Your money mindset

Your money mindset is a a tool to build a strong, healthy and profitable company. As entrepreneurs, we often forget to consider that every decision we make along our business journey has a business and personal financial impact. These decisions are guided by how we perceive and define our relationship with money, along with our [...]

The Story Behind The Finance Cafe

The Finance Cafe was created for women entrepreneurs and made by women entrepreneurs… so let us introduce ourselves: I’m Shannon Pestun, a proud Cree Métis woman, entrepreneur, former banker. Speaker and advocate for the advancement of Women’s Entrepreneurship. And I'm Shauna Frederick. Entrepreneur, mentor, chartered professional accountant, and an On-the-goCFO working with entrepreneurs to take [...]

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