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Women Enterprise Organizations

Women’s enterprise organizations and business support organizations play an important role in the success of women entrepreneurs. From providing access to learning opportunities and mentorship, you work hard to accelerate their success.

The Finance Cafe is Canada’s first gender-focused business financial learning program designed to help women entrepreneurs – and those who support them – explore what’s behind the numbers to find greater confidence and build greater capacity in financial decision making.

We offer a number of business financial classes that are specifically designed for those who advise, guide, mentor and counsel women entrepreneurs. And we also offer a number of financial learning programs that you can bring to your audience of women entrepreneurs.

From customizable cohort packages, to customized live classes, and online programing, we have something to offer your team of advisors and community of women entrepreneurs.

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For Your Advisors

At the heart of our offering is a gender-focused business financial literacy program that addresses the key systemic and attitudinal barriers women face as entrepreneurs. Our gender-focused programs take an intersectional approach to business financial literacy training and embrace the different contexts in which women entrepreneurs operate. When we account, you can accelerate their success.

  • If you want to help your team members:
  • Build upon their existing financial management skills
  • Feel more confident having financial conversations with the clients you serve
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the unique needs and circumstances of women entrepreneurs
  • Strengthen their advising and consultancy skills
  • Understand how their own money mindset shapes your experience as an advisor
  • See the connection between financial performance and financing options
Learn About Our Classes for Business Coaches & Advisors

Bring The Finance Cafe learning experience to the women entrepreneurs you support.

We offer:

  • Our 6-week cohort learning experience
  • Our 2-day Accelerator Program
  • Or let us customize something for you!

Our licensing agreements bring The Finance Cafe program to your audience of women entrepreneurs.

Online and in-person cohort-based workshops.

Learn About Our Classes for Women Entrepreneurs
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