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Business Coaches & Advisors

Are you a business advisor or business coach looking to deepen your financial skills and build more meaningful relationships with the women entrepreneurs you work with?

At The Finance Cafe, we offer a number of business financial courses that are specifically designed for those who advise, guide, mentor and counsel women entrepreneurs.

If you want to:

  • Build upon your existing financial management skills
  • Feel more confident having financial conversations with your clients
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the unique needs and circumstances of women entrepreneurs
  • Strengthen your advising and consultancy skills
  • Understand how your own money mindset shapes your experience as an advisor

Then consider making The Finance Cafe a part of your advising and coaching skill set! From bootcamps (coming soon), to self-directed programs, we have different programs suited to meet your advising needs.

Classes for Business Coaches & Advisors

Click on any image below to view all of the details about the class and to purchase it.

Interested in Taking All 7 Classes?

Choose our full program which takes you through a progressive learning experience and integrates all of our teachings.

We’ll start with money mindset and help you progress to the final module. When you choose the full program, you’ll get one of our signature classes for free – plus you’ll also get access to a one-year membership to The Finance Cafe where you’ll receive exclusive access to even more tools and resources!

The Finance Cafe