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What if business finance was less of a mystery?

At The Finance Cafe our mission is to help you feel empowered by the numbers and the stories they tell.

Feel empowered by the numbers and the stories they create.

What if you could learn how to read the story of your business, one number at a time? What if business finance was less of a mystery?  How would that change the connection you have to your business? How would it shape the decisions you make in your company and how you feel about them?

We want you to feel confident, capable and connected to your business. We want you to see the full story of your business and what’s behind the numbers. As women entrepreneurs ourselves, we know that for most of us, there’s more to the bottom line than money; that our businesses provide a path to reaching our goals, meeting our responsibilities and being able to take care of the people and things we care about most.

As Financial Professionals we understand the skills needed to grow a successful business.

But as financial professionals, we also know that to do all of these things, we need a healthy, profitable and sustainable company. To do that, we need financial skills that enable us to take control of our business finances. In our business financial wellness program you’ll learn how to read the story of your business – one number at a time.


At The Finance Cafe, we offer different financial learning experiences for women entrepreneurs. Choose between our self-directed programs, our cohort-based programs and other special experiences like webinars offered exclusively to our members.


At the Finance Cafe, we offer courses and programming for those who advise, guide and mentor women entrepreneurs as well as classes and programming you can bring to your community of women entrepreneurs.


At The Finance Cafe, we offer a number of business financial courses that are designed specifically for those who advise, guide and mentor women entrepreneurs.

When we don’t know what our financials are telling us, it’s hard to trust that we’re making the right decisions for our company.

I cannot recommend this curriculum enough to any woman who is committed to a deeper understanding of their own financial literacy when it comes to business finances. This course would make an AMAZING gift for any and all business owners in your life, just saying!

MichelleMusic Store Owner, Toronto

The Finance Cafe has been supporting WESTEM clients since October 2020, and has been invaluable in building the financial literacy, knowledge and skills of the women entrepreneurs that we work with in southern Alberta.

The Women Entrepreneurs-in-STEM program (WESTEM)Economic Development Lethbridge (EDL)

If financials confuse the heck out of you, this is a sensible and convenient way to learn what it means and why you need to know it. I just completed this program that has proven to me to be invaluable! It was a surprise to me and I very nearly didn't sign up because of the topic, but I was SO GLAD I did. You'll thank yourself. Seriously!

KarenFuture Dinner Theatre Owner, Edmonton

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When we know what our financial statements are telling us, it’s easy to trust we’re making the right decisions for our company.

At The Finance Cafe, we’ll help you feel more confident in the decisions you make and trust in yourself as the decision maker.


When yo know the numbers, it’s easy to create a profitable, healthy and sustainable business.

At The Finance Cafe, we’ll teach you how to see a clear financial picture of your company and how to use the information to make informed business decisions.


Business is personal. If you’re not getting what you want out of your business, why would you stay the course?

At The Finance Cafe we’ll help you build a better relationship with your business so you can spend more time doing what you love.



Gain confidence from the start. Get to the heart of the financials to show you how to see the story of a company through numbers.


Get to the heart of the financials to see the story of a company. Feel connected to a business in a new way.


Learn anytime, anywhere.  The course is designed to be concise, progressive and easy to follow.


Learn how to turn everyday financial observations – the good, the bad and the ugly – into decision making tools.


Leverage the experience of a banker and an accountant  – Shannon and Shauna have helped hundreds of women entrepreneurs feel confident and competent in their financial understanding and management.


Learn how to recognize opportunities and early warning signs from reading the financial story.
The Finance Cafe