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Test your Knowledge

Did you know that almost 50% of Canadian small business owners revealed they have below basic financial literacy skills? See how you stack up.

Take our free 10 question Financial Literacy Quiz below and test your business financial knowledge.

Financial Literacy Quiz

All but one of the following statements make up a company’s financial statements?

Which Financial Statement shows a company’s financial position at a specific moment in time?

Assets and liabilities are separated between current and long term on the balance sheet to:

Financial statements are shown on an accrual basis, which means you record revenue when it is earned and record expenses when they are incurred.

Which of the following is not part of Working Capital?

Which Financial Statement examines Earnings, Expenses and Profit?

You sell your product for 100 dollars. Your direct costs are 20 dollars. Your operating costs are 30 dollars resulting in an operating profit of 50dollars. What is the operating profit margin?

The following increases cash:

The cash flow statement consists of money flowing in and out of your company through which of the following activities:

Financial literacy shapes:

Now That You Know Where Your Financial Literacy Stands Are You Ready To Take Action?

In our program you can expect to …

  • Learn techniques and financial management skills that you’ve always wanted
  • Turn everyday financial observations – the good, the bad and the ugly – into decision making tools
  • Learn how your relationship with money impacts your entrepreneurial journey
  • Understand how to leverage financial concepts to drive profitability and sustainability
  • Learn to recognize opportunities and early warning signs that shape your success
  • Learn the importance of business finance and sources of capital
  • Understand how bankers and investors think and assess risk
  • Learn how to step into your full potential as a woman entrepreneur
  • Begin to feel more connected to your company
  • Finally control in the financial process of running your business
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